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Will extensions damage my hair?

Proper care and regular maintenance ensures our extensions will not damage your hair. We prioritize the health of your hair and the methods used. We spend hours in certifying and continued education with our artists to present only the best methods. We thoroughly educate our guests in care be for they leave the salon.

What should I expect during an extensions consultation?

We reserve 1/2 hour to talk about all the things. This is our opportunity to discover your hair goals. Your hair will be color matched and the full quote of your investment will be explained. The total cost of hair is paid in full to hold the appointment for your big day. Minimal paper work will be required also.


What kind of hair does Frē use?

We only work with the best premium human hair. We work with Kitsune, Great Lengths, and our very own Frē Extensions, to name a few. We offer a variety of textures. From wavy to coily.

What are Invisible Bead Extensions?

Invisible Bead Extensions are the safest and most requested extension method on the market. Only hand-tied, wefts or the like, can be used with this method. These products are very thin at the seam and provide maximum coverage while being light-weight and comfortable for the guest. Wefts are sewn using beads and threads to create a virtually seamless and comfortable result.


How long do they last?

With proper care and maintenance they can last up to 9 months to 1 year.

Do IBE require maintenance?

Yes. With IBE maintenance is required about every 8 weeks. We perform a full re-install to ensure safety over time.
1 row- $240-$300
2 row- $480-$600
(Investment depends on certification and artist level.)


Can I still color my hair?

Yes. Your hair can still be colored. This can be done upon install or in between installs. Extensions can be colored 2 shades darker but cannot be lightened.

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About Frē Extensions

Fre Extensions Collective.JPG

Our texture focused collection

Frē Extensions was created to provide quality options for those who need curls coils, and waves. Each texture option is designed to provide realistic results to enhance hair extension installs.

These gorgeous pieces include a micro weft to provide enhanced customization and comfort. 

Enjoy our current collection of 4 textures and 5 customizable colors.

How can I purchase the collection?

Our texture collection is currently offerd to professional cosmetologists. We look forward to offering select options for retail soon!

Texture type 6 group

How do I care for my textured extensions?

Texture hair extensions need care! It is important that you honor the curls. They need professional products that provide high moisture free from silicones and sulfates. Moisture shampoos and conditioners formulated for texture is recommended. 

They must be detangled daily! Protect your investment either by twisting, braiding and sleeping with a silk bonnet or pillowcase.

Can they be color treated?

Yes! These extensions can be tinted. However there are limitations as they are already customized color selections. For best results, use demi-permanent options to take the hair darker or add dimension.

There are only two options where lightener can be used. Texture Type 2 and Texture Effect. These options can be gently lightened for further customization. Do NOT use developers higher than 20 volume. Results are warm and limited.


When will I receive my order?

Once your order is placed, it can take 3-5 business days to be processes. All orders are shipped via USPS Priority 2 day shipping.

I can't find what I am looking for.

We are so excited to continue to offer the best options. Stay connected as new colors, textures, and extensions options become available.

Fre Extensions Collective.JPG

What can I expect the the hair to feel like?

Our textures are unique to the Texture Type. Our options were designed to consider how curls expand while keeping the cuticle aligned. The result is soft and versatile.

FAQs: Services
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